More About Me

Born and raised in South Louisiana, I moved to the Tampa Bay Area in 2000 and fell in love with everything about the area. I've been married to my husband since 2010 and have one son and one daughter. Together, we love to take advantage of all the area has to offer in boating, fishing, camping, sports and we travel every chance we get.

What I do for my Clients -

For Sellers: As a Seller's Agent, I will always put your needs first. The most important part of that process is pricing your home correctly. We always want to put our best foot forward from the beginning and pricing your property right does just that. Next, the marketing begins. I will hire a professional photographer to take excellent photos, write compelling listing remarks and spread the word through multiple channels - MLS, real estate sites (Zillow,, my website, social media,  open houses and just listed postcards. I will update you as needed so that you are in the loop and able to make informed decisions without being overwhelmed with an endless stream of unnecessary details. I will ensure that buyers are vetted and pre-approved so we don't waste your time with people that cannot buy your home. I will negotiate the best terms to ensure your needs are met through the sale. I will be present for the home inspection and appraisal and before the closing I will tie up all loose ends so you don't have to worry about them.

For Buyers: As a Buyer's agent, I will always work for your best interests. Working with Buyers is more than opening doors and showing properties. I am a full service Realtor who will guide you through the process from start to finish. We will start with getting you pre-approved for your loan. This is vital in positioning you to get the home you want in today's market. Next, we start searching... I will work with you to help narrow down your search by asking targeted questions to help you define precisely what you want. When we find a home you want, one that really excites you, it's time to make an offer. We will work together to come up with the perfect offer to get you the home you want. Next, I will help you find a home inspection company, attend that home inspection and negotiate any repairs that may be brought to light. I will communicate with the Seller's Agent throughout the process to ensure the transaction is moving along as it should. I'll monitor your loan commitment as your mortgage commitment date is a critical milestone in your contract. Finally, I will tie up all loose ends for the closing. There are a surprising number of details that need to be addressed to finalize a closing and you have enough on your plate already. I will ensure that all the details are taken care of so you can close without any issues.